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Welcome to Phở 88

Fresh and Healthy Food

Let’s visit, have a relaxing time & enjoy the good food at one of the best restaurants in Colorado: Phở 88. Phở 88 is a famous food address for everyone in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado, zip code 81505. At our restaurant, we specialize in serving the Vietnamese special dishes from eggs, pork, beef, chicken, and seafood.

The most famous type of food in our restaurant is Pho. Pho is known as a Vietnamese specialty made from flavorful broth, soft (but not mushy) rice noodles and tender meat. A slice of lemon, pepper & a side plate of fresh herbs will awake your taste buds.


Rice Noodle Soup

Rice noodles with onions, bean sprouts and Thai basil in hearty beef broth. Jalapeno as requested.


Rice noodles, Vietnamese eggrolls, Vermicelli with grilled beef, shrimp, Vermicelli with grilled pork, shrimp with homemade fish sauce.

Steamed Rice Plate

Classic fried rice with bean sprouts, peas, carrots and onions Served with soup or salad.

Special: Phở 88 Boba Milk Tea

M1. Traditional milk tea with boba
M2. Grass jelly milk tea
M3. Cantaloup milk tea with boba
M4. Chocolate milk tea with boba
M5. Matcha milk tea
M6. Joyful milk tea boba and jelly